Artist Bio

Gayla Myer was born in Bangor, Maine and grew up near the beautiful Maine coast. She indulged in the beauty that surrounded her life and developed an appreciation for nature and organic forms even at a young age. But spending many years in rural areas also created a thirst for more urban settings. Industrial images have filled her thoughts and she has been fascinated by the architectural world and especially, it’s influence in art. Her diversity of art reflects her divided interest in both urban and natural environments.

Gayla is a self-taught artist, spilling passion and creativity into her original works of art. She graduated from Northeast Christian College in 1992.  Her artist career began in New Orleans in 2005. Her exhibitions have been in New Orleans, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She currently resides in the suburbs of Chicago and paints in her personal studio there.

She has been influenced by artists such as Mark Rothko, Hans Hofmann, as well as many living artists. Her inspiration comes from graphic design, nature, and architectural structures.

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