Artist Statement

“Fragmentation of objects into their essential elements, dismantling the obvious to reveal an underlying truth, emotion, or mystery is my pursuit. My paintings are a process of exploration. I am always attracted to new ideas, application techniques and visual concepts. I love to explore the relationships between God’s creation and man-made structures. Within this relationship, lies energy, emotion, passion, dreams and the inner reaching that only the soul can interpret.

I am intrigued by the everyday industrial forms that represent the civilization and culture that surrounds us. The less obvious visions of architecture interest me the most. Part of my work is about space and contained energy that is realized in the tension and compression of these structures. Another part of my work – the more fluid lines and visions – is about the natural organic world and my responsive emotion to it.

My art is non-representational in nature to allow the viewer to participate in the construction of the deeper meaning held within the paint and canvas. I use many mediums to convey these expressions: oil, acrylic, charcoal, gel mediums, along with many other texture providing substances and items that provide meaning and memory.”